Wednesday, 12 April 2017

From AN to Alternative-Right?

A friend writes to me:

"I've noticed that in the Venn diagram of subcultures, AN and Alt-Right have overlapped for awhile, but it seems like more and more pessimistic/AN people are moving in that direction."

Do you agree? If so, why might this be the case? Are some people suddenly dreading the thought of being part of a declining culture that may find itself outnumbered by more traditional cultures who still place a heavy emphasis on propagation and expansion?

All thoughts welcome. (Well, some anyway).


In other news, one of my favourite bloggers is active again: Louie over on 'Everything is Pointless'. He also has a new podcast show up and running. For some reason, I've having trouble embedding the addresses on the blog-list, but he can be found at


I encourage everyone to take a look!


  1. Gives new meaning to "In a real Fourth Reich you'll be the first to go"

  2. Rafael Tages, AKA Shadow, deleted his blog. He still has his Youtube channel sorensofos, all Portuguese now. He's all misogynistic rage now. Looks like losing his girlfriend has really affected him.

  3. The Alt-Right is antithetical to antinatalism because it's based on racist pronatalism. They want the white race to survive, but most antinatalists are white. This means antinatalism has a dysgenic effect. They will embrace eugenics before antinatalism, gotta get rid of the inferior races first.

    1. If I may refine your argument; to white cultures Anti-Natalism is a defect when it stops the increase in the white cultural hegemony, but a virtue in any, make that every, other culture which the whites want to see marginalized. When the non-white cultures are marginalized by the Alt Right Whites then they can proceed to erase all non-white culture from history and life. The Alt Right is a whiter than white subculture within the wider white culture, where even the Alt Right white language is strengthened with concepts of white racial superiority. That is the theory.... In the Alt Right Apocalypse the first cultures to die out would be non-white then the poorer white cultures would die out soon after, leaving the wealthiest whites 'the worthy citizens of Heaven' for being the most righteous people on earth.

  4. Fortunately, most of the ANs that I interact with loathe the alt-right, as do I.

    The bigotry of the alt-right is just one more reason not to have kids. Who would want to bring children into such a hateful world?

    1. Lol aww no the waaycism of it all, you leave the poor innocent muslims alone u alt right haters!!!

    2. Finish your homework Jimmy

  5. AN without some form of natalism is misguided wishful thinking. Africa, South America or Asia will sweep away all traces of AN except the sustainability arguments which in themselves are indicative of just lack of options, not a rational choice.
    So eugenics is a requirement to create a spiritual race that can even begin to talk about AN on a large scale or to give rise to an individual capable of creating a virus or other weapon. If we lose the civilization we will greatly prolong the suffering on the planet.

  6. It's more a case of the "alt-right" getting more popular than anything else. Hardly surprising it's attracted a few of the bitterer elements.

    It does seem odd to me, though, because all political agendas are pro-people. From socialist utopias to racial purity, it's all about being optimistic about some kind of imaginary future. I can only suppose that there are AN's who legitimately think some sort of AN programme can be implemented. If you already think there is one plan that can "save" humanity, it doesn't matter what that plan is.

    AN on a personal level makes sense, and there's nothing wrong with propagating it if you feel like. As some kind of ultimate solution, though, forget it. May as well barrack for white supremacy or red revolution.

  7. Can't Bewilder the Wilders22 April 2017 at 14:06


    Very interesting that you bring this up. I have been recently thinking about this as well. I am still antinatalist (for the long run), but I currently do not see this as a priority right now.

    "Do you agree? If so, why might this be the case? Are some people suddenly dreading the thought of being part of a declining culture that may find itself outnumbered by more traditional cultures who still place a heavy emphasis on propagation and expansion?"


    I switched my vote to Geert Wilders in the last elections (the first time I ever voted for Wilders), which I something I never thought I would do. I find it a very troubling thought that in the next century, Islam will grow to be one-third of the world's population (3 billion people); and that the EU is doing absolutely nothing to stop millions of muslims from coming to Europe per year. Until Islam is ERADICATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH, advocating antinatalism for Western countries is counterproductive.

    - Demographic Time-Bomb

    - Defend our freedom

    (With that said, I am not a part of the "alt-right", because the "alt-right" is all about scapegoating Jews and worshiping the Third Reich.)

    1. White genocide is inevitable largely because your fears of inadequacy and cuckolding are completely justified. I'm sorry

  8. The Rainbow Death22 April 2017 at 14:45

    “Long, long ago, it is said, there was a mighty civilization, where we now sit.
    Beneath our feet, throughout this forest, lay an endless glory of buildings, the likes of which we have never seen.

    It was a place of miracles, where a man might live past eighty years, enjoying riches beyond imagining. There was food, all year round. Heat without fire. Great distances could be traveled without walking.
    Men could speak to other men, over vast distances. The image of their faces could be seen, by others, over many leagues.”

    The assembled children, and a few old women, stared at the shaman, wide-eyed, as they always did, when he told this tale, although he had told it many times before. As had shamans before him, too. For with each new year, there would be born a few new children, and so, in its time, the tale would be retold, that all should know of it.

    “Men lived in towers that reached the sky. Their work was easy, and light. They had no need to hunt, no need to sow. No need to gather fuel, and no need to war.
    The women walked as men, and did not toil, as our women toil. The children walked as men, and did not sit, as we do, around fires, in the night. For there was light, that came through iron strings, that turned night into day.”

    A gasp of perennial astonishment rippled among the audience, as they tried, and failed, to imagine this mystery.

    “Men flew like birds, through the sky,” continued the shaman. “Gleaming birds, as big as a whale. A time of wonder. A time of magic.
    With such power in their grasp, those people should still be here now. That they are not, has puzzled our tribe, for generations. For their tribe was not like ours, as we are not like them.
    There were a few, it is said, that were as we are. Light of skin, with faces similar to our own. But alongside these, were a multitude of different peoples, with different ways, and different appearances. It is uncertain how this came to be. As many things remain unclear, after so much time has passed.”

    A child squalled, briefly, as its mother shifted her position. The wind sent icy fingers through the trees. Shadows of orange and yellow played over the earnest faces, young and old, alike.

    “What is not known, is the manner of their passing. With so much, what could have happened? Our wisest men have pondered this, for generations. How Gods could vanish, leaving so few remains upon our lands. This, we may never know…”

  9. The Rainbow Death22 April 2017 at 14:45

    The shaman stopped, suddenly, his mouth still open, and it felt to him as if in all these years of telling, and retelling The Legend, that he had been deaf, dumb and blind. His eyes flared wide, his mouth snapped shut, and he leaped to his feet as if his years were but months. He cast his eyes around, from face to face, his breathing quickened. He raised his arms and spoke in a voice never heard before…

    “The Death claimed the Gods. The Rainbow Death! Children given the power of men. Women too. The power of men removed from men. Men loved other men, and were given power for this. Women loved other women, and were given power for this. Boys taught to love other boys and be rewarded for this. Girls too.
    The ancient laws all overturned, and made punishable.
    Enemies imported and given power over men.
    Enemies placed above the men.
    None of them wanting, any more, to hunt, build, forage or cultivate. All expecting to live without making it so. Ahhh…”

    The shaman stopped, and there was silence. The scene lay frozen, but for the flickering shadows cast by the central fire.

    The silence deepened, as the shaman saw his vision, and grasped for understanding. Finally he spoke, his voice the voice of reason, once more.

    “They died because they did not care about living. Life, to them, became so lacking in value, that they simply stopped living.”

    He stopped, again, as he decided what he must do, with this new revelation.
    Here was nothing to be revered and retold. This was ugliness beyond ugly. There was no good in it.
    It was time to let the age of wonder go. This time, forever.
    With great sadness, and great resolve, he gathered himself and spoke one last time.

    “The Gods were not Gods at all. They were less than us. They were finished with living, long before they no longer lived. They fell from The Way, and did not care. And so they died.
    This, I know, is the way of it, for I have seen it, finally.
    And so, each one of us, may give these ghosts their final rest.
    By never speaking of them again.
    Our lives are hard, and our rewards are few. We must toil to live, and live to toil.
    Yet in this, we are richer, by far, than the ancients. For we know this thing, while they allowed themselves to forget.
    So, henceforth, we will tell this tale no more. We will begin history again, and honour our own accomplishments. For it is certain, that none of the wonders the ancients possessed, could prevent their complete extinction.”

    He smiled at each face, in turn, moving slowly around the circle. Nodding to each. Taking his time.

    “This, and only this, is what is important,” he finished. “Our tribe. Our children. Our circle. Our fire.”

    1. Shorter version

  10. Many people are attracted to strange beliefs for their strangeness and lack of social acceptability, regardless of their truth.

    As an antinatalist, I believe antinatalism to be true, but I am well aware of its fringe position. It is as bizarre and unusual, to most people at least, as flat-earthery, satan worship, and Nazism.

    Certain people like to adopt multiple fringe ideas.They collect them, not caring about their truth. Perhaps they like to be socially unacceptable.

  11. Señor Karl,
    Good to hear from you. I am sorry but here in Paraguay we are very far from the enlightening discussions you have there. Can you tell me what alternative right is? Stay safe. Raúl

    1. Buncha dolts who make rambling posts about penis size inversely correlating to IQ or gyms being "faggy" that other easily impressed dolts like to drool over due to the bad-boy appeal of fascism

  12. Raul, good to hear from you, man. Hope you're well. Here's a brief intro:

    1. Shorter version

  13. Mr.Karl,
    Thank you for your response. I will read the intro. Please stay well. Raúl

  14. whites, blacks, or any race, the life sucks.
    suffering, pain, pointlessness of life applies to every human being. there is no alternative to antinatalism / efilism, period!

  15. So let white people go extinct. As antinatalists, it is inappropriate for us to mourn the loss of any species, subspecies, race, or culture.

    1. The vaunted Western tradition has only survived through a series of transplantations — the export of Greek culture to the lands once ruled by the hated Persians, for instance, or the appropriation of Latin literature by the barbarian tribes who precipitated the downfall of Roman empire.

      Any culture that would die out just because the specific group practicing it died is an empty one that can barely be called a culture in the first place. The idiocy that believes a tradition can only be shared by those sharing a specific genetic profile is the same idiocy that brings children into the world in a futile attempt at immortality.

    2. Beautifully put, Anonymous =)

  16. Delighted to see another post here after so long, Karl! I do not understand why the first-world white Christians think they are the sole guardians of antinatalistic wisdom.

  17. The Alt-Right is the proper political movement of Anti-natalism.

    I will note that the human race will most likely not be wiped out anytime soon.

    If this is so, and if you hold to AN because you wish to mitigate human suffering, then practically speaking, the Alt-right is the proper political movement for Anti-natalism.

    After all, only European civilizations spend trillions in medicine and charity to ease the suffering of other peoples, plus they themselves are the sources of this technology. European law and political institutions, although often barbaric, are still far more humane than any other civilization.

    Africa is torn apart by murder and rape, there is now more slavery alive today than at the peak of the transatlantic slave trade - 6 million slaves in Africa alone right now. Islam still practices it, not to mention the horrific treatment of women outside European civilization. I’ll also note European Slavery was far, far more mild than the astonishing cruelty that African and Islamic Slavers have always, and still do, exhibit.

    Not only that, but under European governance the murder, rape, and violent crime was a mere fraction of what it is now that Africans govern themselves.

    If you care about suffering, then be Alt-right’s movement to save Europeans demographically, will result in less suffering overall for humanity.

    And less humanity as well.

    If you agitate to slow population growth, then the Alt-right is your best bet.

    Why is Africa's population exploding, even as half its population, even children, are wracked by aids ? Because of liberal anti-scientific assumptions. We are dumping trillions of dollars into the 3rd world funding a mind-boggling population explosion. Meanwhile this ill advised social engineering is setting up billions for world-scale catastrophic starvation when the money and food runs out.

    Francis Crick, Nobel winner and the former head of the Genome project has said he was “ inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really".

    Worried about over-population? Join the Alt-right.

    Other information, such as the connection between culture and race, can be found here,

    1. White genocide is inevitable because your fears of cuckolding and sexual inadequacy are totally justified. I'm sorry

    2. You can tell that's a good site, because it communicates using memes, poorly designed infographics, and sudden shifts of font color a la Time Cube

    3. Slavery was soooooo much worse in the Islamic world doncha know! It was just so nightmarish that slaves in the Arabic world were allowed to hold rank in an army, could be assured that their children would be born free, and didn't need to do the extensive plantation work that reduced the lifespan of Latin American and Carribbean slaves to a mere 4-7 years after being enslaved! Meanwhile the slaves taken in the Trans-atlantic were happy as clams while 2.2 million of their number dies on the way across the ocean to get worked to death and have their daughters raped. Why does anyone even complain about it anymore?

    4. You raised some fascinating questions, such as why do people complain about slavery today?

      Hundreds of thousands of Irish children were kidnapped and sold into slavery, many adults were kidnapped as well, however it was not the chattel slavery of Africans, but really indentured servitude.

      “During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England. In this decade, 52,000 Irish (mostly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia. Another 30,000 Irish men and women were also transported and sold to the highest bidder. In 1656, [Oliver] Cromwell ordered that 2000 Irish children be taken to Jamaica and sold as slaves to English settlers.”

      The ship conditions for the Irish were worse than the Africans. The Irish were treated much more harshly, it was a common phrase among the African slaves when they felt they were worked too hard to complain they were being treated like Irish men.

      Although African slaves we're far healthier with a much longer than longevity then there African Brothers, and most White men, almost half of Irishman did not even survive their average 7 year indentured servitude contract.

There is a great book called “They were White and they were Slaves” which is full of personal accounts of a very different world— :
“…You know, boss, dese days dere is three kind of people. Lowest down is a layer of white folks, then in de middle is a layer of colored folks, and on top is de cream, a layer of good white folks…” “…The slaves saw enough abject poverty, disease, and demoralization among the poor whites… to see their own condition under Ole Massa’s protection as perhaps not the worst of evils.” (Eugene D. Genovese, “

      So, good question. Why do the Irish not complain? I don't have that answer.

    5. Incidentally I talked about how the slaves were treated in America, not their transportation conditions. However I'm sure you know what people's owned the slave ships, and was in charged of directing their use. Hint : they were not European Christians.
And speaking of ship conditions, African American Scholar Thomas Sowell notes :
““A vast literature has detailed the vile conditions under which slaves from Africa lived – and died – during their voyages to the Western Hemisphere. But the much less publicized slave trade to the Islamic countries had even higher mortality rates …most of the slaves who were marched across the Sahara…died on the way. While these were mostly women and girls, the males faced a special danger – castration to produce the eunuchs in demand as harem attendants in the Islamic world.” 

Some historians estimate that between A.D. 650 and 1900, 10 to 20 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders. Others believe over 20 million enslaved Africans alone had been delivered through the trans-Sahara route alone to the Islamic world.
Dr. John Alembellah Azumah in his 2001 book, The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa estimates that over 80 million Black people more died en route.

Ouch 80 million ! Geez, only 300,000 were even shipped to the US !

“The Arab slave trade typically dealt in the sale of castrated male slaves. Black boys between the age of 8 and 12 had their scrotums and penises completely amputated to prevent them from reproducing. About six of every 10 boys  bled to death during the procedure, according to some sources.” - Ronald Segal in his 2002 book, Islam’s Black Slaves: The Other Black Diaspora.

    6. Now we know just as many white slaves went to Africa as vice versa. Why do their ancestors not complain? We can simply ask them - go down to the Barbary Coast. Well, unfortunately when white people forced black and Muslim peoples to quit slavery, unsuccessfully and very temporarily, they simply murdered all the white slaves. They did not give them civil rights or welfare. Or reparations or their own country as American whites did for black slaves -  ie Liberia , and of course  the former slaves the moment they got a chance  begin practicing slavery themselves almost immediately there.

African American scholar Thomas Sowell :

“…the region of West Africa…was one of the great slave-trading regions of the continent – before, during, and after the white man arrived. It was Africans who enslaved their fellow Africans, selling some of these slaves to Europeans or to Arabs and keeping others for themselves. Even at the peak of Atlantic slave trade, Africans retained more slaves for themselves than they sent to the Western Hemisphere….Arabs were the leading slave raiders in East Africa, ranging over an area larger than all of Europe.”

“More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 colonies from which it was formed. White slaves were still being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire, decades after blacks were freed in the United States.” 

      Well what about all those European white slaves that Islam captured ? Can't we ask their ancestors how they feel? No. The men were castrated not allowed to have any family, while the women were sold into sexual slavery as they are today by Africans and Muslims in the Millions. The few that held office were usually Mamluks -slave soldiers who were converted to Islam and served the Muslim caliphs and the Ayyubid sultans during the Middle Ages.

    7. As to why people complain about the African slavery 1.6% of white people engaged in hundreds of years ago before being the only people's to put a stop to it and and why people do not complain about the millions of slaves in Africa right now today ? I guess when black people do it it's okay. When Islamic people do it that's fine too.
Black people did much better under slavery. This is probably why the president of Zimbabwe is begging white people to come back and take charge of his country. This is probably why every African country that white people have left has skyrocketed in violence and starvation despite trillions in Aid. This is probably why from 1948-1989 when Whites ruled South Africa the murder average was 170 a year. Since 1994 it has been 24,206 murder a year...Oh Nelson Mandella !

But Black people did well under slavery, comparatively.

In the 1870 census, 20.1% of blacks could read and write, compared to 80% of US whites. That same year Russia had a literacy rate of around 15%. Most African countries didn’t achieve a literacy rate of 20% until around 1950, and India had a literacy rate of 20% in 1950.

John F. Olsen in his analysis of southern cotton farms and northern farms, came to the conclusion that the average free farmer on a norther farm worked 3,130 hours per year, while the black slave worked 2,798 hours per year between 1850 and 1860.

    8. And black people liked slavery. This is not my opinion. This is theirs. For propaganda purposes the US government went around collecting stories from former slaves to show how much happier they were. Unfortunately that is not the story they got.

      Note these are African slaves under white people, not the African slaves owned by other black people in America - In 1830 there were 3,775 free black people who owned 12,740 black slaves :  

During the depression, some folks got the idea to go down to the South and record the narrative of the last living slaves, and George P. Rawick compiled these narratives into a 19-VOLUME ! collection called The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography.
These are excerpted from that work.
Patsy Mitchner, age 84 when interviewed on July 2, 1937:
Before two years had passed after the surrender, there was two out of every three slaves who wished they was back with their marsters. The marsters’ kindness to the nigger after the war is the cause of the nigger having things today. There was a lot of love between marster and slave, and there is few of us that don’t love the white folks today.
      Slavery was better for us than things is now, in some cases. Niggers then didn’t have no responsibility; just work, obey, and eat.
LBetty Cofer, age 81:
The rest of the family was all fine folks and good to me, but I loved Miss Ella better ’n anyone or anything else in the world. She was the best friend I ever had. If I ever wanted for anything, I just asked her and she give it to me or got it for me somehow.
I done lived to see three generations of my white folks come and go and they’re the finest folks on earth.
Adeline Johnson, age 93:
That was a happy time, with happy days.
I’ll be satisfied to see my Savior that my old marster worshiped and my husband preach about. I wants to be in heaven with all my white folks, just to wait on them and love them, and serve them, sorta like I did in slavery time. That will be enough heaven for Adeline.
Mary Anderson, age 86:
I think slavery was a mighty good thing for Mother, Father, me and the other members of the family, and I cannot say anything but good for my old marster and missus, but I can only speak for those whose conditions I have known during slavery and since. For myself and them, I will say again, slavery was a mighty good thing.
Simuel Riddick, age 95:
My white folks were fine people.
      I haven’t anything to say against slavery. My old folks put my clothes on me when I was a boy. They gave me shoes and stockings and put them on me when I was a little boy. I loved them, and I can’t go against them in anything. There were things I did not like about slavery on some plantations, whupping and selling parents and children from each other, but I haven’t much to say. I was treated good.
Sylvia Cannon, age 85:
Things sure better long time ago then they be now. I know it.Colored people never had no debt to pay in slavery time. Never hear tell about no colored people been put in jail before freedom. Had more to eat and more to wear then, and had good clothes all the time ’cause white folks furnish everything, everything. Had plenty peas, rice, hog meat, rabbit, fish, and such as that

    9. It's interesting that you bring up the slave interviews done by whites at the historical peak of lost cause revisionism. Here's some you missed
      G. W. Hawkins, Little Rock, Arkansas
      "There were slave men kept that forced slave women to do what they wanted to do. And if the slave women didn't do it, the masters or the overseers whipped them till they did. The women were beat and made to go to them. They were big fine men, and the masters wanted the women to have children by them. And there were some white men, too, who forced the slave women to do what they wanted to. Some of them didn't want to stop when slavery stopped."

      "One time they sent me on Ol' man Mack Williams' farm here in Jasper County, Georgia. That man would kill you sure. If that little branch on his plantation could talk it would tell many a tale 'bout folks bein' knocked in the head. I done seen Mack Williams kill folks and I done seen 'im have folks killed. One day he tol' me that if my wife had been good lookin', I never would sleep with her again 'cause he'd kill me and take her and raise childrens off'n her. They uster take women away from there husbands and put with some other man to breed jes' like they would do cattle. They always kept a man penned up and they used 'im like a stud hoss.
      "When you didn't do right Ol' Mack Williams would shoot you or tie a chain 'roun your neck and throw you in the river. He'd get them other niggers to carry them to the river and if they didn't he'd shoot 'em down. Any time they didn't do whut he said he would shoot 'em down. He'd tell 'em to "Ketch that nigger", and they would do it. Then he would tell 'em to put the chain 'roun there neck and throw 'em in the river. I ain't heard this--I done seen it.
      Mulberry, Florida October 8, 1936 SAM AND LOUISA EVERETT
      On this plantation were more than 100 slaves who were mated indiscriminately and without any regard for family unions. If their master thought that a certain man and woman might have strong, healthy offspring, he forced them to have sexual relation, even though they were married to other slaves. If there seemed to be any slight reluctance on the part of either of the unfortunate ones "Big Jim" would make them consummate this relationship in his presence. He used the same procedure if he thought a certain couple was not producing children fast enough. He enjoyed these orgies very much and often entertained his friends in this manner; quite often he and his guests would engage in these debaucheries, choosing for themselves the prettiest of the young women. Sometimes they forced the unhappy husbands and lovers of their victims to look on.

      Clearly these fine fellows were champions of antinatalism

    10. Lol he ran and hid, like the blackshirt little coward he is.

      I bet homeboy would still rather be born a free man in the antebellum south than a black man, despite his singing the praises of the luxurious slave lifestyle.

  18. Irish people don't complain about slavery because we are terrified of 'offending' anyone, whether it be our former British Colonial masters, Muslims or whoever. It is the Age of Offence.

    1. There were no Irish slaves in the new world, assuming one defines slavery as lifetime heriditary involuntary servitude.

    2. Karl is a coward12 May 2017 at 06:17

      And don't try to summon him to hide behind him. If a man keeps a rabid dog in his backyard, debating the rabid dog about the situation will rarely do much good, but why the man chooses to keep around a rabid dog can certainly shed some light on things.

  19. Karl is a coward12 May 2017 at 06:13

    Is that why you continue to refuse to put MMS in your blogroll, despite adoring his posts about battered women deserving it?

    1. MMS is a brilliant satirist of the right-wing, showing how absurd their logic is by making it plain and showing how utterly facile and empty it is in the process. I can see why you might think otherwise, given that, like any good satirist, he has several unironic doltish fans who think they're in good company but there's no way the man himself is serious. No one is that stupid

    2. No one can be "that stupid"? No one can be as stupid as that Mr. Mean-Spirited character? Really? Well … I beg to differ with you. I actually am that stupid.

      I have always viewed myself more of a misanthrope than a strict Antinatalist. I have always considered myself more a hater of humanity than a member of the Alt-Right. Much of my loathing arises from mankind's unwillingness to accept things as they are.

      All human beings have a rather exaggerated opinion of their own intelligence. All human beings desperately want to think that they are far wiser than they actually are. The reason my blog-posts seem so brainless is because the human species really is that dim-witted. All mankind really is THAT stupid.

      And one of those dolts is … you. Yes, you.

      Maybe, dead reader, you aren't quite as intellectual as you would like to believe. Maybe you are just as stupid as the rest of the species. Maybe you aren’t quite as superior as you want to believe. Maybe the Mean-Spirited blog is more like a mirror – what you see is what you truly are.

    3. Cole is precisely the smug, self-satisfied kind of knobcheese MMS protests against. The liberal jerk arrogantly convinced of his superiority and 'urbanity'. Well nailed, MMS.

    4. I would respond, but our host apparently didn't realize MMS was satire and was somehow taking him seriously, and is censoring me as a result

      Seriously Karl he calls people he doesn't like "do-gooders" nobody who isn't a ten year old trying to sound tuff does that unless they're joking.

    5. The joke is on you, buddy.

  20. There's no link because for some reason it doesn't update. And true cowardice is hiding behind a tag line without your real name while being a slanderous termite.

    1. Karl is a coward12 May 2017 at 08:43

      Slander would require lies.

    2. That is indeed your speciality, you sad individual.

    3. Karl is a coward12 May 2017 at 09:06

      Then prove me wrong. Just say, right now, what you think of MMS's "battered women deserve it" post, and we'll know that I'm a slanderous fool and you are not a coward.

    4. Provide me with a link to the post and I'll let you know. Given that you've already slandered me you should be grateful I'm letting a person like you comment here.


    6. Hmm, so you said "Is that why you continue to refuse to put MMS in your blogroll, despite adoring his posts about battered women deserving it?"

      So in the link so kindly provided, you'll notice I haven't made any comment at all. Thank you for proving yourself what a slanderous and lying piece of turd vomit you are, as well as a coward. Bye bye.

    7. Lol you still can't give an honest opinion on that post, even now.


    8. So you're the kind of moron who views silence as consent. What an intellectual reprobate.

      But no, I don't agree with woman beating. Do you? I imagine you do, as you're a coward and a liar. Still waiting for the apology, but I'm not holding my breath. Bye bye.

    9. Doesn't agree with it, but doesn't see it as sufficient reason to break off a friendship

  21. Jonathan McCormack, I repeat, directly, that white Christians are not the exclusive guardians of antinatalism. If you want to cite historical examples demonstrating the nobility and peace-loving nature of Europeans, let's recall that the Europeans were the ones who needed three continents of extra room for their numbers.

    A few email correspondences of me (including Karl) came to talk about some of these things, and one of the things I said was, "the only thing that makes Christianity seem less of a problem than Islam is that its adherents don't take it THAT seriously."

    1. But you don't understand, the gloriovs seed of Evropa needed to wander free across the entire world! Ve Vuz Vikangz!

  22. It's a phase. Once Trumpers realize they've been had by con man as dumb as a jackass and brexiters realize brexit was a useless joke they'll look on this as regretful as Cioran did his dalliance with fascism

    1. Trump is so utterly devoid of any sort of virtue

      he lacks even the virtues of a tyrant

      he has no grandeur, no vision, no tragic gravitas.

      he's desperate, like an obnoxious dog whining for approval

      the things he claims to stand for are hideous banalities, and the fact that people actually desired what he offered shows how morally bankrupt they are

  23. Jim Crawford's blog is back online, though with a note about how he's quit blogging

  24. Julius Bahnsen6 July 2017 at 06:52

    Yes, of course I'm both AN and Alt-Right. If you want to destroy the earth---crash the moon into the earth; or develop AI initiating the grey goo scenario (as an example)---you need to make sure that smart, creative people survive. Moslem and African populations have not shown a great deal of high culture; there are few to no geniuses in the moslemic or even sub-saharan african world. The only non-European peoples that might be able to achieve such a feat as destroying life are the Northeast Asians (Koreans, Chinese, Japanese) and Ashkenazi Jews (who are half European [Italian/Slavic]). So in this sense, I support whites having more children and cutting and reversing the destructive immigration trends that currently plague the West. Mixing with low IQ peoples will lead to an Idiocracy where no one will be able to maintain high-tech civilization. Who is going to make sure the power plants are working if the population has a mean IQ of below 90? Let alone developing nano- or biotechnology. Forget Gary -- he reads little, and is not up-to-date in terms of human biological diversity. For a start, one should have a look at sites like Civic nationalism
    will lead to a world where Moslems and Sub-Saharan Africans and other people with lower intelligence will breed like crazy, and the smart races all are going to bite the dust. On the other hand, there is data supporting the view that it's to a large extent a characteristic of Europeans to demand meaning -- most other cultures and peoples care little about ultimate meaning. And are more violent anyway, always at each other's throats. So maybe the current trends _are_ OK and should be pushed to its rational conclusion: the disappearance of the European peoples, 'cause so far, ANs are overwhelmingly European. The only other non-European peoples I know who are more on the pessimistic and nihilist site are the Japanese. However, destroying the whole planet would be the end goal, as far as I understand most ANs, and for
    this you need brainpower and high creativity: which is only found in Europeans. There are signs, though, that Genius is on the wane, and
    we're doomed regardless. See:

    Let's not forget what our beloved Lovecraft wrote:

    "Only a damn fool can expect the people of one tradition to feel at ease when their country is flooded with hordes of foreigners who--whether equal, superior, or inferior biologically---are so antipodal in physical, emotional, and intellectual makeup that harmonious coalescence is virtually impossible." -- From a letter written September 27, 1926.

    I hope life is tolerable for you, Karl, you built me up several times
    in the past, and for this I thank you wholeheartedly.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

    2. Lol "moslems"

      Stop your entryist pillaging of pessimism, you shitty little cracker.

  25. Antinatalism 2011: If you try to imagine, as nearly as you can, what an amount of misery, pain and suffering of every kind the sun shines upon in its course, you will admit that it would be much better if, on the earth as little as on the moon, the sun were able to call forth the phenomena of life; and if, here as there, the surface were still in a crystalline state.

    Antinatalism 2017: You're a retard if you think Islam is no thread to Europe. Antinatalism does not mean that you don't care about culture anymore. It means making sure the highest culture on earth, Europa, continues to exist.

    Antinatalism 2011: If you do not contribute to the accumulation of Capital, GDP, GNP, tax revenue and so on, you are considered first and foremost as a problem. The prevalence of economic value as an all-encompassing determinant of human worth can in part be traced back to the triumph of the statistical and calculative mode of thought that made the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution possible. What can be measured is what is real; only what is visible is true. Newtonian mechanics, Cartesian rationalism and the triumph of the mercantile class have over the past four centuries led to the degradation of the individual, the withering of any non-monetary conception of human value and the defilement of the earth to serve the god of “productivity”. Progress or a blind drift into the abyss? Be glad you only have to live once.

    Antinatalism 2017: The kind of women who thinks she is too special to be hit is not the kind of female you really want to be around. For thousands of years of human history, men have beaten their mates; non-violence is the aberration in the Western tradition. If women were hit by their mates for time immemorial, then modern damsels shouldn’t be treated any differently. Just because a girl now has a cell phone and a stylish haircut doesn’t mean that she is any better than her ancestors. Sexual violence has always been part of human heritage and will never disappear – so deal with it.

    Antinatalism 2011:

    Antinatalism 2017:

    As usual things get worse all the time, even pessimism...

    1. I mean these morons clearly have no capacity for self-examination or introspection, so it's pointless to try to get them to feel human emotions like shame for sucking a spousal abuser's cock just because he spouts the same pessimist pieties as every other antinatalist

  26. Señor Karl,
    I think that in this August you turn 25. May you have a calm month. Greetings from Paraguay. Raúl

    1. 25!:-) Thanks, Raul. If only. That's very generous of you. Hope you're keeping well and safe, my friend.

  27. Señor Karl,
    Maybe my comment did not get there. I wish you tranquility. Raúl from Paraguay

  28. Mister Karl,
    I also hope you are also well in London,that foggy city. Raúl

  29. Hi Karl, I hope you are doing well.

    I would like to selfishly propose a future blog post (even though your site is already a treasure-trove...I apologize for my greediness). Would you ever consider writing a post about the methods (big or small) a person who hates the world can take to make life bearable without killing himself/herself--like, a "Depressed Pessimist's Guide to Living for Other Pessimists"? Any tips to go from "I can't go on, I'll hang myself" to "I can't go on, I'll go on"? Sometimes I'm curious how people like Cioran and Zapffe got through day after day, year after year without succumbing to the conclusions of their own dark philosophies . . .

    1. He's too busy contemplating the divine joy of owning slaves to help people with the slavery of existence

    2. Do you mean he's a businessman now??

    3. The one thing that makes life bearable is actually pessimism. Paradoxically, cynicism can be a great source of comfort. Having a good laugh at the ineptitude and idiocy of mankind is reason enough to keep going.

      You can either chuckle at what other people are doing – or cry about what other people are doing to you. The choice is yours.

    4. Mr. Mean-Spirited, that makes sense. Thank you. It made me recall a quote from Leopardi: "He who has the courage to laugh is master of the world, much like him who is prepared to die."